Support and Docs

At Janeway, we proudly embrace the open-source model, extending our unwavering commitment to providing robust support to all users. Our hosting service serves as a crucial foundation, enabling us to deliver assistance and aid to those who make use of Janeway.

We offer a variety of support options to cater to different users.

Hosted Installs

By opting for our hosting service, you'll be covered under our Service Level Agreement, ensuring enhanced response times for your queries. Here are several avenues available to seek assistance:

Open Source Users

Regardless of whether you choose a hosted install of Janeway or not, we are dedicated to offering support for all users. Here are several avenues available to seek assistance:

Other Useful Links

Here are some additional links that can aid you in your utilization of Janeway:

We highly value all constructive feedback. If you have something to share with us, please don't hesitate to get in touch through Discord or Email.